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What is an Air Jack?

April 10, 2023

Throughout decades of operation, MatJack has become an industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and global distribution of air jacks. Our air jacks are CE-certified, and our production operations operate under strict ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards. Our high-pressure air lifting bags are always Made in America, and they serve a vital role in numerous applications around the world.

What is an Air Jack?

An air jack is a highly versatile tool used to lift or move heavy objects, and to relocate and align heavy machinery and other unconventionally shaped loads. Air jacks are referred to by a variety of names, including:

  • Air bag jack
  • Industrial pneumatic jack
  • Air bladder jack
  • Air lifting bag jack
  • Power lifting airbags

At MatJack, our 40+ years of experience have enabled us to develop and provide some of the highest quality air jacks in the field. We offer lighter weight air jacks with four layers of Aramid Fiber on each side, as well as heavier duty air jacks with three full layers of woven steel per side for more rugged, challenging environments.

With options to suit a broad range of lifting needs, Matjack air lifting jacks are unparalleled in their durability and strength. Additionally, MatJack offers the industry’s only five-year unconditional warranty.

Industries Served by Air Jacks

The versatility of our air jacks makes them the preferred choice for a diverse array of uses.

We frequently work with customers in the following industries.


The rugged and durable nature of our Matjack high-pressure air lifting jacks makes them ideal for use on construction sites. Air jacks can perform a wide array of useful tasks even in extremely harsh conditions, including leveling buildings, lifting and shifting heavy machinery or pipes, performing maintenance and undercarriage work, and lifting up bridge sections.

Fire and Rescue

Lightweight and durable Matjack airbags and cushions assist emergency workers in freeing victims who have been trapped in collapsed buildings or crashed vehicles. Our MatJack air jacks differ from other systems because they only require one inch of clearance, meaning they can help emergency responders in situations where other type jacking systems would not fit or function.


Matjack airbags/Jumbo cushions/Landing bags and Underwater cushions are the first choice of every recovery team worldwide. Matjack high pressure airbags can function using the service air on a wrecker, making it possible to easily perform load shift work. Matjack Jumbo Cushions and Landing bags perform tasks such as lifting tractor trailers and controlling the recovery all the way through to the end. Underwater cushions aid in assisting recovery of vehicles and vessels which have sunk in anything from retainage ponds to the ocean depths.

Home and House Moving

Matjack air bag jacks will lift, shift or level manufactured or modular housing. They are advantageous in a wide range of housing applications such as the following:

  • Leveling a home on a new foundation or setting on piers
  • Lifting a home or building to insert main or cross steel for moving or foundation work
  • Lifting a manufactured home to attach wheels or remove wheels in preparation to move or set

This type of jack system helps prevent injuries that commonly occur when working underneath portable buildings using other type jacking methods by keeping the workers a safe distance out from under the building while jacking.

Mining, Military, and Railroads

Since our start in 1981 when the first Matjacks made their way into the mining industry along the Ohio Valley, Matjack has always been built tough enough to meet the task at hand in the harshest industries and environments. The U.S. Military, Mining  and Rail industries have always provided those challenges. The U.S. Military has used MatJack air jacks for maintenance tasks whether it is on the front lines at FOB’s or in live combat Matjack has always stood up to the challenge. Performing in the field to assist in recovery of train cars and engines either in mines or in rail yards, Matjack air jacks function reliably even in extreme operating conditions from the Arctic/ Antarctic to the Equator and from the ocean floor to mountain tops, Matjacks function without fail.

Rock Shear and Quarries

Matjacks ability to operate in harsh conditions is why they were the first and still primary air jacks used in Rock shear operations worldwide. They also are ideal for quarrying applications. These tools will safely and efficiently push dangerous rock off cliffs eliminate potential hazards along with pushing over cut stone in quarries as it is mined.

MatJack is Your Source for Air Jacks

Air jacks are a simple, but highly beneficial tool that can serve a vast array of industries. At MatJack, we carefully craft all our high/medium and low pressure air lifting bags and cushions with your safety and needs in mind. Regardless of your industry, our experts can work with you to find the ideal air jack solution for your project. To see how our air jacks will fit into your operation, please contact us or request your quote today.