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Underwater Lift Air Bags

November 2, 2023

What are Underwater Lift Bags?

Divers will use underwater lift bags for a number of applications. They are useful for raising heavy objects to the water’s surface, can serve as surface markers for safety stops, and can assist in underwater construction projects. Lift bags are airtight, highly durable, and have straps to make them easy for divers to grasp underwater. The two most common types of lift bags are:

  • Open Lift Bags: These remain open on the bottom to enable the release of expanding air from within the bag. Open light bags are often two-sided and have webbing straps.
  • Closed Lift Bags: These are also known as camels and are specifically designed to prevent the bag’s internal pressure from exceeding the external pressure when submerged. Closed lift bags have a valve fitted for functionality.


Types of Underwater Lift Bags

There are many types of underwater lift bags designed for different recovery and construction applications. The following are some of the most common options:

Underwater Pillow Bags

This type of lift bag is fully enclosed and features overpressure valves to release expanding air during ascension. Its design makes it ideal for applications such as towing or raising sunken boats to the surface.

Underwater Salvage Tubes

One of the more versatile options, underwater salvage tubes are ideal for a plethora of applications. These lift bags can frequently be found in underwater construction projects such as pipe-laying. While they have many possible uses, underwater salvage tubes are particularly common as a method of lifting sunken boats.

Underwater Boulder Bags

One of the biggest advantages of underwater boulder bags is their durability. Their design enables them to get the maximum possible amount of lift from a single lift point even in shallow water. These properties make this type of lift bag a popular choice for lifting boulders, and they are frequently utilized by nugget hunters and gold dredgers.

Underwater Propeller Bags

This type of underwater lift bag is able to perform certain types of lifting jobs in shallow water. However, it is specifically designed to install and remove boat propellers.

Marker Buoy Bags

Slender in design, marker buoy bags have two main applications. When combined with rope, they can serve as a marker for underwater finds. They can also raise small items to the water’s surface.

Underwater Lift Bags from MatJack

At MatJack, we are well-versed in the many potential applications of underwater lift bags. We introduced these bags in 2004 and have since been dedicated to offering them in an array of shapes and designs to ensure they can meet a range of floating requirements. Our catalog is expansive, including marker buoy bags, underwater pillow bags, and many more.

Since we offer such a variety of underwater lift bags, we can meet the unique flotation needs of every customer. Regardless of whether your project is located in deep ocean waters or shallow streams and rivers, our team of experts will be able to match you with the ideal lift bag. Every lift bag is very versatile and can be folded compactly for ease of travel. Each one also features an array of tie-off points and handles, ensuring that they are easy to grasp in any situation.

At MatJack, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service to our clients around the globe. We offer the industry’s only 5-year unconditional warranty and are an approved vendor for the US General Services Administration. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified, and we are a member of several trade organizations, including the National Association of Manufacturers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). To learn more about how our underwater lift bags can assist you in your next project, contact us or request more information today.