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Recovery Airbags and Gear

Recovery operations like righting an overturned tractor-trailer, lifting a vehicle off of someone who is trapped, rescuing fire victims, or recovering a disabled aircraft present plenty of challenges. Air lift/recovery bags are a solution that saves time, manpower, money, and lives.

MatJack provides air lifting bags and accessories to meet your airbag needs. Our products include:

  • High-Pressure Air Lifting Bags
  • Medium-Pressure Lifting Cushions
  • Low-Pressure Lifting Cushions
  • Underwater Lift Bags
  • Landing Bags
  • Custom Airbags
  • Applicable Gear

MatJack’s recovery equipment gives users the ability to handle heavy uprights without needing a “catch” vehicle.

What Are Air Lifting/Recovery Bags?

Air lifting/recovery airbags are dependable, safe lifting systems for salvaging large vehicles and heavy machinery like semitrailers and aircraft. They lift, move, fix, or spread loads without causing secondary damage. Made of Kevlar, neoprene, or other highly durable PVC-covered fabrics, airbags allow for on-site fixes with the use of glue or welding. The bag goes under or beside a load prior to inflation. When air enters the bag, it expands and the load lifts or moves without manual lifting tools.

Classifications include:

  • Low- and medium-pressure lifting bags for higher lift heights with lower tonnage capacity
  • High-pressure lifting bags for higher tonnage capacity and lower lift heights

As these pneumatic lifting bags require very little clearance, only one or two people are needed to place them. The system includes the rescue airbags, an air supply, hoses, a regulator, a controller, and a remote shutoff valve.

Airbags for Aircraft Recovery

When planes run off airstrips, they need manual help in moving to clear runways and prevent closures. Aircraft recovery is a complicated and potentially hazardous process. After an aircraft’s fuel is removed, airbags can then lift a plane and clear its landing gear of obstructions to return the craft to the runway for passenger evacuation.

Airbags for Truck and Vehicle Recovery

Weather and traffic conditions can cause an 18-wheeler or other large vehicle to topple. When a semitruck or bus lands on its side, one way to remedy the situation is to use the process of airbag car lift.

Workers insert recovery bags between the ground and a truck. As the bags inflate, this slowly raises the truck up at an angle. Eventually, the truck will hit a tipping point where, with the help of gravity, it finally tilts back upright. The bag shape produces a balanced load distribution to help raise the truck evenly. In some cases, air lift bags can right a truck, including its load, without additional equipment like a crane.

Airbags for Rescue Work

In a rescue situation involving trapped individuals, such as in structural collapses, construction site or automobile accidents, and even occurrences where a car jack slips, firefighters and rescue units can save lives using recovery bags. Airbags can be inserted under a fallen structure or car to lift it up and away from the trapped victim.

Airbags can also be used underwater by divers, construction workers, law enforcement, and rescue teams. Bags aid in the processes of towing, lifting, raising sunken vessels, and installing boat parts, to name a few, and are designed with varying weight loads in mind.

Recovery Airbags and Gear at Matjack

For many recovery and rescue efforts, air lifting/recovery bags are the ideal option. In business since 1981, Matjack features a full line of air lifting bags and gear to make any lifting job easier. We provide worldwide distribution service to the following industries: construction, rail transport, mining, military, fire and rescue, recovery, and house moving.

For more information, please contact us today or use our request form.