Air lifting bags are rugged lifting devices capable of raising many tons with an initial clearance of just 1-3″. Users place the uninflated bag under or beside the load to be moved, then trigger inflation using a handheld controller. Once their compressors have been activated, inflatable lift bags expand to many times their initial size. The pressure of this expansion is what lifts or moves the load. The lift capacity depends on the size and pressure of the air cushion, with units ranging from small to large and low to high pressure. MatJacks are suitable for loads from a few hundred pounds to several hundred tons!

Compared to hand-cranked jacks or hydraulics, air lift air bags are far more efficient, eliminating the need for manual labor and messy hydraulic fluid. They are also lighter and more flexible than conventional jacks, so they can be used in almost any environment, including on slopes and irregular terrain. At the same time, their durable, anti-slip exterior makes them safer and easier to operate when dealing with adverse weather conditions. These advantages have established MatJack air bag jacks as a top choice for demanding applications across industries such as construction, rescue and recovery, and military.

MatJack is an industry-leading manufacturer specializing in air lifting bags of all sizes and capacities. Our standard offerings include the following:

  • Low-Pressure Air Cushions. Our low-pressure lifting cushions can raise between 2.5 and 10 tons with as little as 2 psi (.14 bar). These cushions require just 1-3″ of clearance, and they can resist abrasion and tearing in challenging operating conditions. As such, they are ideal for low to medium-weight loads in the rescue and recovery, aerospace, military, and construction industries.
  • Medium-Pressure Air Cushions. With capacities reaching 16.5 tons, MatJack’s medium-pressure lifting cushions are the number one choice for military and rescue operations thanks to their rugged, Kevlar-reinforced exterior. Compared to low-pressure air cushions, medium-pressure air cushions can achieve higher tonnages with the same amount of clearance and less storage space. This makes them more portable and versatile for heavy lifting in the field.
  • High-Pressure Air Cushions. MatJack’s high-pressure lifting cushions are well-suited to the most heavy-duty applications, lifting up to 126 tons with an initial clearance of just 1″. They are constructed from four full layers of aramid fiber or three layers of steel cord on each side, making them our most durable, puncture-resistant option for extreme-service military, rescue, and recovery applications.

Our extensive catalog of low, medium, and high-pressure lift bags includes products for every industry application. For clients with more specialized needs, we also offer custom lift bags. Whatever your application or industry, MatJack can match you with an air cushion that suits your needs.



Efficient construction relies on the ability to rapidly and safely move loads totaling many tons. While traditional lifting equipment such as forklifts or hoists can accomplish these tasks, they can be cumbersome and difficult to set up. They also come with highly specific operating requirements and can be challenging to operate in adverse conditions.

MatJack’s air lifting bags solve all of these problems, making it fast, easy, and safe to lift construction machinery or materials such as pipes, off-road equipment, bridge and building sections, and more. Our air bags can move up to 126 tons at the touch of a button, even on slopes or in adverse conditions.

MatJacks are equipped with tabs and eyelets to allow for secure attachments, and their centers are marked with high-visibility bullseyes for quick centering. Whether used to lift heavy machinery for maintenance or center pipes above the ground, air cushions offer a safe and simple solution for construction environments.

Fire and Rescue

Emergency personnel face some of the most challenging lifting applications. After a fire or natural disaster, emergency workers must often move heavy debris to free trapped victims. MatJack air bags are indispensable in these settings: not only can they fit in narrow spaces, but they are strong enough to move entire cars or wall segments to facilitate rescues. As a result, MatJack air bags have become a critical tool for many fire departments, helping them to right overturned vehicles, remove heavy debris, and hold unstable wreckage in place.

MatJack’s high-pressure rescue air bags are made from four durable layers of Kevlar-reinforced material or three layers of steel reinforcement, so they won’t puncture when used at an emergency scene. They also feature a textured grip that minimizes slipping when used on wet ground, and they offer completely silent operation. When time and reliability are of the essence, these flexible, easy-to-operate MatJacks can mean the difference between life and death.


Recovering trapped or crashed vehicles requires lifting equipment that is durable, lightweight, and flexible, while still offering high-tonnage capacity. MatJack’s air lifting cushions can lift damaged aircraft and upright fallen trailers (even full ones) no matter where they are stranded, saving time, man-hours, and crane capacity. Our medium and low-pressure air cushions feature a flexible texture that won’t damage the fuselage or vehicle body.

MatJack jumbo lifting cushions are approved by aircraft manufacturers for lifting damaged or disabled aircraft. Jumbo air cushions can be used alone or in tandem with wreckers, cranes, and other conventional lifting equipment. On their own, MatJack jumbo air cushions provide the perfect amount of lift needed to add additional cushions or straps under a trapped trailer. Used in conjunction with cranes, air lifting bags can quickly handle the lighter or more fragile loads, limiting the need for heavy-duty equipment and speeding up the entire recovery process.

Home and House Moving

Despite their streamlined assembly, prefabricated and modular housing units still require careful transportation during installation and removal. MatJack’s air lifting bags are capable of lifting, shifting, and leveling manufactured housing, including single, double-wide, and triple-wide units. Not only can they lift and manipulate houses, but they can also do so on varied terrain and with minimal setup. For
added safety, they incorporate extra-long 50′ inflation hoses, so operators never have to be close to the moving loads. These hoses are also available in a full spectrum of color options, aiding visibility and preventing confusion when using multiple inflatable lift units.

Mining, Military, and Railroad

Mining, railroad, and military applications share a number of tasks that are easier with MatJack’s air lifting bags. These applications include safely and quickly moving debris, repositioning heavy equipment and vehicles, and raising engines for maintenance and repair. MatJack’s lift bags are portable, durable, and strong enough to perform all of these tasks.

In a mining setting, MatJacks are most useful for re-railing mining carts and removing fallen materials from the tracks. In the railroad industry, the use cases are similar: shifting cars back onto tracks, removing blockages from the rails, and lifting cars for maintenance or re-railing. And in military and defense applications, personnel can rely on air bags for everything from engine maintenance to moving rubble in war zones. Whether it’s railroad construction, mining construction, or military maintenance, MatJack’s air bags offer the rugged reliability to do the job right.

MatJack is QMS and ISO 9001:2015-certified, and we can meet or exceed NFPA 1963 and EN 1325-1. We are also an approved vendor for the government US General Services Administration, so defense clients can be confident in our quality manufacturing.

Air Lifting Bags from MatJack

MatJack is an industry-leading manufacturer of inflatable lift bags, including both standard and custom options for clients from all industries. Our products are American-made and built with quality materials for superior load lifting and moving performance. From railroad construction and mining to river clearing and search and rescue applications, our air lifting bags can meet all of your lifting needs. To learn more about our products, contact us or request a quote today.