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MatJack has the only 5-year Unconditional Warranty in the Industry

High Pressure Air Lifting Bags

High Pressure Air Lifting Bags
High Pressure Air Lifting Bags
High Pressure Air Lifting Bag Group Shot
High Pressure Air Lifting Bag Group Shot
Houseboat Lift
Houseboat Lift

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MatJack is an industry-leading custom manufacturer of air lifting bags and cushions. Throughout our 40 years in business, we’ve established a reputation for quality products and superior services. Customers across the globe know they can rely on us to meet their air lifting needs. 

One of our core product offerings is high-pressure air lifting needs. Read on to learn more about them. 

What Are High-Pressure Air Lifting Bags?

Air lifting bags are lifting devices that are designed to be placed under or next to a load and inflated. The introduction of air causes the bag to expand, which, in turn, lifts or moves the load without needing a hand-cranked jack or other manual lifting equipment. 

These products come in many variations to suit different lifting and moving needs. For example, they can be small, large, or jumbo and low-pressure, medium-pressure, or high-pressure.

High-Pressure Air Lifting Bags at MatJack

Our high-pressure air lifting bags are designed to lift and move up to 86 tons at a touch of a button with an initial clearance of only 1 inch. They are made with four full layers of aramid fiber per side. This unique construction makes them a strong but lightweight lifting solution for some of the most rugged, demanding, and heavy-duty applications. They can be used in adverse environments, such as sharp gravel, muddy banks, wet grass, and icy ground.

Key features include: 

  • •Simple handheld controls. The controls can have pushbutton, Deadman, or joystick controllers that allow for independent, single-bag or simultaneous, multi-bag operation. The pushbutton control variations have one button for inflation and one button for deflation. 
  • •20-foot high-pressure hose. The long hose ensures operators are not under or near the load as it is lifted or moved. It is color-coded to eliminate confusion in situations where more than one bag is operated at the same time. 
  • •Carry handles or tabs/eyelets. These elements facilitate lifting and fixture attachment.
  • •Raised, conical, and interlocking surface. They are covered with five layers of neoprene rubber for an outer surface that grips loads and provides traction.  
  • •Distinct tonnage rating marking. Each bag is marked with a bullseye containing the tonnage rating for easy centering under the load and identification in fast-paced, low-visibility situations.

MatJack high-pressure air lifting bags are 100% made in the USA and ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified. They also come with a five-year unconditional warranty. 

Industries Served

Our high-pressure air lifting bags are simple lifting and moving tools that are suitable for a wide range of industries. Some of the industries in which they are regularly used include: 

  • •Construction. MatJacks make lifting and moving machinery and materials quick and easy in construction sites, even in muddy, icy, and otherwise adverse conditions. They can be used for pipes, bridge and building sections, off-road equipment, and more. 
  • •Fire and Rescue. MatJacks are ideal for rescue operations involving wrecked vehicles or collapsed buildings. They can serve as rescue air bags, lifting and moving materials in areas where no ordinary lifting equipment can fit so rescuers can free trapped victims. 
  • •Recovery. MatJacks provide the lift needed to add cushions or straps under a trailer.
  • •Home and House Moving. MatJacks can lift, roll, and level single, doublewide, triplewide, modular, and other types of manufactured housings. The long hose components ensure operators are safely out of the way of the heavy loads as they are lifted and moved. 
  • •Mining, Military, and Railroad. MatJacks can help rerail mining carts, rail cars, and other rail vehicles and remove fallen materials from rails. 

MatJack: Your Source for High-Quality, High-Pressure Air Lifting Bags

For high-pressure air lifting bags you can trust in your most demanding applications, MatJack has got your back! Our products are American-made and built with quality materials for superior load lifting and moving performance. From construction to rescue and recovery to military and mining, our air lifting bags can meet any lifting need. 

To learn more about these products, check out our catalog or contact us today. For specific product or pricing details, request a quote

For additional information about this product please see downloads Pdf"Simply the Best" (Pdf-1.7 MB) and the Pdf"Matjack high pressure instruction manual" (Pdf-1.5 MB)

CAD Drawings available upon request.


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