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MatJack has the only 5-year Unconditional Warranty in the Industry

Landing Safelift Bags

Landing Bags for Mobile Home
Landing Bags for Mobile Home
Landing Bags for Trucks
Landing Bags for Trucks
Landing Bags for Heavy Equipment
Landing Bags for Heavy Equipment

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Since 2005, MatJack Landing Bags have provided users the ability to do recovery uprights on tractor trailers, heavy tracked equipment, box trucks, overturned mobile homes, etc… without the use of a “catch” vehicle. Landing bags work due to a constant airflow and require it to stay inflated. Landing bags are placed under a load with the intention of not allowing the load to gain speed during uprighting operations and descent of the load past fulcrum point. Landing bags lift, support and control vehicles as they come over while allowing the air to escape through 3 ported openings in each cushion increasing control of the vehicle and rate of descent. This is critically important to avoid further damage to equipment. Rapid, uncontrolled descent of any equipment is dangerous and should be avoided to prevent potential injury or loss of life!

Matjack Landing Bags are typically used under wheels of vehicles to control descent but have also been used under frame sections to catch box trucks and mobile homes and even track drives on cranes.

Single lane uprights are now accomplished in a much easier fashion with less set up and quicker dismantle time for those “quick clear incident” situations. Any upright recovery is now quicker, safer and more professionally done when using Matjack’s Landing Bags!

Landing Bags come in complete sets or individually. Everything is included in each set to get you up and working within a matter of minutes.

Landing Bags are made of a special material designed to resist tearing but allow quick repair if damaged in the field. The large Camlock fittings provide for quick assembly and disassembly of the system.

All Matjack Landing Bag systems will provide you with years of trouble free use and come with the same outstanding warranty, service, training and care you have come to expect from Matjack.


For additional information about this product please see downloads PDF"Simply The World’s Best Cushions, Landing Bags" (Pdf-1 MB) and the "Matjack Landing bag instruction manual". (Pdf-1.5 MB)

Additional Information: Don’t take our word for it, ask us for contact information for end users and talk to them direct!

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