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Construction and Maintenance Services

Matjack High Pressure Air Lifting Bags - Offering a full line of high pressure lifting bags with capabilities of lifting from 1.5 tons to 70 tons

Matjack Low Pressure Lifting Cushions - Low pressure lifting cushions are available in a variety of lifting capacities for applications ranging from fire rescue and towing to military and construction

HoseCat Hose Coupling Assist Tool - HoseCat is the state-of-the-art tool to aid firefighters in the handling of NST and STORZ hose couplings

Matsack Leak Sealing Bag - MatSack Leak Sealing Bags seal leaks fast on tankers, trucks, or pipes. MatSacks are highly adaptable to numerous hazmat situations for sealing off potentially hazardous leaks.

Inflatable Pipe Plugs - MatJack offers a variety of pipe plugs for plugging oil, gas and water pipelines

Underwater Lift Bags - MatJack designs and manufactures a variety of lifting bags for raising sunken boats, towing, laying pipelines, salvage, propeller installation and buoy marking.

Jumbo/Turbo Safelift Cushions - Safelift cushions offer the means of up-righting overturned trailers, load shifting and airplane recovery.

Landing Bags

Digital Water Levels - Our digital leveling systems can be used to level manufactured homes, buildings and machinery

Portable Roadways - MatJack manufactures a variety of portable roadways for applications including lawn care, pump service, golf course maintenance, housing moving, tree service, well drillers and heavy construction.

Custom Airbags - MatJack can manufacture a airbag to meet your specific needs and application.

Matjack Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions - These powerful 14 p.s.i / 1 bar lifting cushions are the newest cutting edge Kevlar / Neoprene bags in the market. The best cushions from the name you can trust in airbags.

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Industries Served - Serving industries ranging from fire rescue, highway safety, underwater salvage, lawn care and golf course maintenance to heavy construction

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